Know Thyself; Lead Thyself

I have rediscovered the power of knowledge. Not just generally learning something new, or going to school or reading a book. I discovered that knowing yourself is the most powerful knowledge you can ask for.
I posted about the Strengths-Based leadership book and philosophy a few weeks ago. Recently, in addition to learning about my strengths, I was introduced to the DISC personality profiles. This was another piece of the puzzle for me. I knew people were unique, but having a name for their tendencies helped me know how to better relate and communicate with others.
I learned that I have a stabilizing personality. I learned about the abilities I have in that regard and also the challenges that I bring upon myself.
I also learned how people are different. If you recognize that people respond differently to certain situations and why, it can help in leadership tremendously.
The DISC profile is divided into four categories, and one person may have any combination of these in varying degrees:
D: is Decisive. Quick to action, not overly concerned with people’s feelings.
I: is Influencer. Engages with people readily, and people are drawn to their personalities. They are funny or just talkative.
S: is Stabilizer. Great listeners, careful of others feelings, methodical decision makers.
C: is Cautious. The ultimate rule-follower. Studious and has great concern for “the right way” of doing things. Detail-oriented for sure.
When I learned about these types of personalities, I could see where my results were accurate in myself, but I could see where my wife’s results were spot-on for her too.
It opened up a new vocabulary to me, and I could see things and name personalities right away.
I had my team take the profile quiz, and we learned about how we can work together better. And we do. It’s great to be able to communicate about this with our team, and regarding how to communicate with clients. We have a language we can use now that was untapped before.
Learning about my own personality has helped me open up and communicate with my team more effectively. They have also learned how to work more effectively with me and each other.

Have you ever taken a personality test, like the DISC test? Were the results accurate?


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