Get Your Team On The Map

I had to help a staff member change jobs a few months ago. I had to do it because they didn’t do the work I needed them to do. I know that I probably was at fault partly for hiring them in the first place, and also for not communicating with them effectively. But they also couldn’t do the required work, like our team needed.

In ninth grade, I had a great geography teacher, Ms. Uribe. At the first of the year, we drew a map of the United States free hand. After our first semester, we had to draw another map. Once I had learned the names of the details of the states, I could draw so many more specifics. Because I knew the names of the peninsulas, lakes, rivers and cities, I could name and draw them all on the map.

What would your team members’ maps look like, if they had to draw the “map” of their jobs?

I had to face that question a few months ago, when I learned about KRA’s from Chris LoCurto and Dave Ramsey. A KRA is a Key Result Area. They teach that it is the scoreboard, it’s how a team member knows he’s winning.
I asked each of my team members what they thought their goals were for their job. we compared their answers to what I had planned for them in their position. Sometimes they matched up, and other times there was a gap in understanding.
When we filled in some of the missing pieces, and gave our team a goalpost to shoot for, things felt so much better in the office. There had not been conflict directly, but there was definitely confusion. Now that has been minimized dramatically.
The best thing about it was the clarity we all had about our goals. The “map” we drew together with the KRAs is going to lead our team to our goals. And keep us from going crazy at the same time.

Do you use job descriptions, or KRAs on your team? If not, what do you use and why?


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