All I Wanted Was A Burger (or a Leader…)

We went out to eat at a new restaurant the other day. The atmosphere was great, the decor a little old-fashioned in a retro, 40’s kind of way, with leather and dark wood everywhere.
It seemed like a good choice. Except we were greeted by an overweight, unshaved, unenthusiastic waiter. Well, I thought, maybe he’s the owner, and he can’t help his appearance, or attitude… (This is not starting out well.)
Once we were seated, the server was nice and helpful, she used a smartphone to take our order, a little awkwardly, though.
It was a gourmet burger joint. They had a condiment bar. And she didn’t explain it. We watched other patrons go to the bar and load up their burgers, and figured that may be important.
So naturally there were some awkward moments as we got up to fix our burgers. I had to stop our server from walking off to have her explain how things worked. Also, we weren’t too excited about running all our kids through the line after we all just got settled into our seats.
Another downside, was that there were so many choices, I wished the “chef” would have recommended a certain combo of condiments, or just make my burger for me, isn’t that what I paid for?
I don’t know if I got the best flavor from this particular burger, or how it was designed to be eaten, due to too many choices.

Three tips:

1. Give your customer a few choices, but don’t overwhelm them.
2. And help them when they are new. Educate them, show them how your awesome system works, or they will just feel lost.
3. Or better yet, design “ease of use” into it from the beginning. People shouldn’t have to be educated on how to fix a burger.

So, bottom line, I liked the design, atmosphere and the idea of making my own burger, I sometimes just want it done by a professional.

What are some things you are doing that should be done by a pro? How can you streamline your customer experience?


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