Kids (and Grown-Ups) Need Leaders Too

While driving by an elementary school yesterday, I saw a PE class running slow laps around a grassy field. Now typically, this isn’t newsworthy, but my wife noticed something that was peculiar. Well maybe not peculiar, but interesting.
The leader of the class, the teacher, was standing in the middle of the field, sipping on a coffee, watching the kids run by. Occasionally she would yell out encouragement. Other than that, she just stood in the field, turning in lazy circles as the children ran around her.
When I have found myself standing in the middle of my office with a drink in my hand, while my team is moving aimlessly around me, I haven’t always recognized what’s wrong right away. All I know is that we are definitely not going anywhere.

More recently, I have been trying to take ownership of my team, and guide them into my vision. I am trying to improve my attitude and leadership, so I can then help them.
Imagine what that class would be like if the teacher put down the Starbucks and ran to the head of the line and told the kids, “Follow me!”
Imagine the energy the kids would exude. They would likely laugh and race and their leader could take them anywhere.
Just by joining in.


Find out where you want to go, and then get to the front of your team and call out, “Follow me!”


2 Comments on “Kids (and Grown-Ups) Need Leaders Too”

  1. Rebecca Young says:

    Michael — I really enjoyed this blog- brought to mind that leadership is about being engaged, inspiring or mentoring, less about being in front of the pack or in the back of the room. Feels like your awareness of your team progress is step 1- your engagement in helping them see your vision (and the “why” behind it) step 2. Good stuff!

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